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Mobile App User Manual

Logging into DiaWatch is easy and effortless.
At first start, you can just tap on the “Scan QR Code” button and frame your personal QR code with the phone’s camera.
(NOTE: the QR code associated to your profile is previously generated by your doctor in the clinical platform).
The app will then load your personal profile and you are ready to go.


Tapping the button on the top-left corner you can open the DiaWatch main menu, which gives access to all the features of the application.
The menu can also be activated at any moment by swiping horizontally with your finger (left to right, starting from the edge of the screen).
From the main menu, tapping on your profile picture will open the profile page, where you can check the personal data stored in your electronic health record (name, surname, e-mail address, date of birth)
If you provided this data to your doctor (or if you measured it at the first visit), here you will also see your initial body weight, used to calculate your BMI (body mass index).


Going into “MY TARGETS” section, you can access a visual representation of all the different targets for your plan.
In general, when you input your health parameters in DiaWatch, either using a Bluetooth device or recording them manually, you will receive alerts based on the colored bars and values shown in this section, and you should expect various elements of the interface to be changed accordingly.
For example, if you record a value within the green interval (which always indicates “in range” measurements), you should expect that data to appear as green-colored in the y Plan page. On the contrary, a value in the yellow interval, will appear as yellow’colored, and so on.
This general logic can be subject to slight variations in some specific situations that will be explained in more detail later on in this manual.
Please, also read the following section to learn how to record and review different parameters in DiaWatch:
Tapping  “MY THERAPY” in the main menu, you will be taken into the corresponding section, where can see a list of all the daily medications prescribed by your doctor, ordered from the first one in the morning to the last one ub the evening.


If the doctor modifies your therapy or prescribe new medications or dosages, you receive a notification on that and then the list will be updated accordingly.



These medications are the same you will see in a well organized, interctive timeline inside the expanded Therapy Tile-box (see later in this manual).





In the main menu, tapping the ‘Settings’ button will take you to the corresponding screen. From here, you can control various features, such as checking/changing Forum credentials (see the ‘Forum’ section in this manual for further details) and changing your preferred language.
Please note, changing the language will cause the App to reload its local database.
Before you can use your Bluetooth devices to record your parameters in the App, you need to pair each device with DiaWatch.
To do so, please follow the steps below.
On the mobile phone, make sure both Bluetooth and GPS sensors are turned on (¹)




From the main menu, select ‘Devices’ to go to ‘My Registered Devices’ list. In the example above, the list is empty since no device has been paired yet.
Tapping on the ‘Add new device’ button will change screen and initiate the scan of nearby Bluetooth devices (²).
At this point, after few seconds the name of the device should appear in the list.




After the name shows up, tap on it and wait a few moments. You will get back to the ‘My Registered Device’ screen, where you can now see the name of the paired device in a blue Tile-box with a trashcan icon on the right side.
Congratulations! The device is now ready to be used to record your parameters in DiaWatch!


In this case, most likely your device was not ready to transmit its status when DiaWatch was scanning the surroundings for active Bluetooth devices.

Make sure the device is close to the mobile phone and set to transmission mode (²) and then tap on the ‘Clear device list’ button to restart the scan.


Simply tap on the trashcan icon and then select ‘confirm’ to delete the device from the list.
Once you delete a device this way (³), you have to follow the steps in section 1, before you can use it again in DiaWatch.


(¹)The images in this section refer to the mobile phone you have been provided with for the DiaWatch trial (Umidigi A3 Pro). This device has both Bluetooth and GPS active by default. Phones of different brands/models may have different default settings and/or the corresponding screens my differ.

(²) The device must be in transmission mode to be properly detected on this screen. Please, refer to the device manual for further instruction on Bluetooth transmission mode. In addition, reducing the distance between the device and the mobile phone (1 meter or less) will also improve the detection.

(³) Please note, deleting a device from this list WILL NOT affect your previously recorded data in any way.

‘My Plan’ is DiaWatch main screen. From here, you can control all the features of the app via the different ‘Tile’ buttons, each one related to a different aspect of your health care plan.
Below you can find a quick description of all the Tiles and their main functions.
Using this Tile you can measure your glycemia, keep track of your blood glucose history and receive alerts on your average values.
To access your medication diary, confirm daily intakes and have reminders on your pharmacological therapy.
Here you can record your meals and having your calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein intake calculated automatically.
In combination with the provided smartband, this Tile records your  physical activity level and helps you achieving your goals in terms of daily steps or burnt calories.
In here you can manually record your glycated hemoglobin and LDL cholesterol velues, as they appear on your lab tests.
This multi-purpose Tile allows a precise monitoring of blood pressure and body weight, using DiaWatch certified Bluetooth devices
From this Tile you can access the Training Center, where you can read articles and participate to quiz and surveys. The Tile provides reminders on the next knowledge-based activity suggested for your treatment.

Whether it’s a message from your doctor or an automated suggestion from Dr. Pro, your latest ‘clinical’ communication will appear in this Tile. Tap on it and you will be taken to the proper section accordingly.
Please, refer to the corresponding sections of this manual for detailed information on how to read and use each Tile.
Using the Glycemia Tile-box, you can record your current blood-glocose level, edit previously stored values and browse your measurements history.
Tap anywhere on the Tile-box to open it. In this example, the Tile-box is empty, since no values are recorded yet. Tap on the ‘plus’ button on the bottom-right corner.


In the ‘Measurement selection’ screen, you can change the date and time of the measurement by tapping on the current date displayed. Use the scrolling calendar/clock and tap ‘Ok’ when done.
You can input your blood-glucose value by either tapping the word ‘value’ in the input field or by using the small ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons next to it. After you are satisfied with your input, just tap on the ‘Confirm’ button


The ‘Summary box’ at the bottom of the screen, will display your current target range for this measurement. In this example, the value 125 mg/dl is definitely compliant with the range displayed.
This measurement does not trigger any alert and does not change the color of the closed Tile-box, which always shows the latest measurement done.
At the same time, it is displayed as a GREEN record in your timeline, when the Tile-box is open.
The Therapy Tile-box is a powerful tool to record your intakes of insulin or other prescribed therapies. It also doubles as a reminder and an alert system for the medications you have to take every day.
Tap anywhere on the Therapy Tile-box to expand it.
You can see a list of all your scheduled medications for the current day. The available medications have a ‘pen’ icon beside the name. The unavailable’s (E.g: when it’s too early to take them) are greyed-out, with a ‘clock’ icon and the time of availability is shown at the top.
Each medication becomes available 90′ before the scheduled time
Please note that the first available medication in the list is the next scheduled (e.g: the closest in time) and also the same that is shown in the closed Tile-box.

Scrolling down the list of medications, you can also see the entries for the day before (e.g: in case you previously forgot to record your intake into DiaWatch).
Now tap on the selected available medication.
In the new ‘Medication selection’ screen, tap on the ‘Yes’ button if you want to record your intake of that medication or tap on  ‘No’ if you want to specify that you didn’t take the medication.


If you choose ‘Yes’, two new field are now ready to be filled. Tap on the ‘-‘ or ‘+’ button (or tap in the value field) to enter the exact  amount of CP/UL of your intake.
Tap on the time below to edit the time of intake.
Review your record in the ‘Summary box’ and, if you are satisfied with your choices, tap on the ‘Confirm’ button to save the record.

Back to expanded Tile-box, the medications you recorded appear either as a GREEN or RED tile in the list.
It’s green when you tap ‘Yes’ at the first field (e.g: declaring that you actually took your med!). If you choose ‘No’, the tile will be RED instead.

In the expanded Tile-box, tap on the ‘+’ button on the bottom right corner.

This time, in the ‘Medication selection’ screen you can select the medication to record using the drop-down menu.

Tap on the ‘Yes’ button to unlock the other field to fill, edit the amount of cp/ul of your intake, the same way you normally do for scheduled medications.

The difference between scheduled and unscheduled medication is the actual possibility to add an unscheduled medication record not only for the current day, but also for the day before.
Just tap on the ‘-1 day Calendar’ button if you want to record an uscheduled medication for the day before.

In this case, a DrPro pop-up will ask if you really want to record a medication for the day before, tap ‘Yes’ to confirm or ‘No’ to cancel.

Then tap on the ‘Confirm’ button to record the unscheduled medication.
Using the Meals Tile-box, you can record your meals for both in the current day and the day before, keep track of your calories intake (and separate food components), as well as to control the general hydration level.

Tap anywhere on the Tile-box to expand it. In this example, the Tile-box is empty, since no values are recorded yet.
Tap on the ‘+’ button on the bottom-right corner to add your first meal.



Tap on the Search-bar and start typing the food’s name you are looking for. A list of food with similar name will show up. Select your food by tapping on its name on the list twice.



You can now select the portion choosing between three different size ‘Small’, ‘Regular’, ‘Large’, the number of portions picking a number from ‘1’ to ‘5’ and the time of intake, choosing hours and minutes from the date picker.



In the Summary box you can see the total calories of the meal (calculated on the quantiy you are going to select) and review your meal before confirm the record.


Once you are satisfied with your selection, tap on the ‘Confirm’ button on the bottom right corner to record your food/meal.


Now the closed Meals Tile-box contains the total calories you took in the current day and the name of the last meal you recorded.



Use the same procedure to record all the food you ate during the day. As your list of food records increases, the calories intake shown in the closed Tile-box increases as well. Ultimately, the calories shown in the Tile is the total amount of calories of all your meals for the day, summed up.



                 [IMAGE – green tile]            [IMAGE – yellow/red tile]
The Meals Tile-Box changes color depending on the calories intake of the day before the current. If this amount is compliant with your optimal target range (as per ‘My target’ page, from the Main Menu), the color is green. Otherwise, it can be yellow or red.



Specific DrPro messages are triggered when you are going to hit or exceed your maximum calories allowance for the current day, basically anticipating which will be the color of the Tile-box on the next day.
After you recorded one (or more) meal you can review this information in your timeline when the Meals Tile-box is expanded.
Tap anywhere on the Tile-box to expand it. In the first row you can read the total calories, proteins, fats and carbs for the current day.


Below you can find the food timeline, that stores all the meals you recorded, with their calories amount and the time/date of record.


Please note: while the overall color of the Tile-box (either closed or expanded) is related to the intake of the previous day, the color of each meal’s record in the timeline depends on the amount of the calories you took in the current day.



On the bottom-left corner of the expanded Meals Tile-box you can tap on the ‘Hydratation button’ (the glass-shaped icon).
In the new screen that will appear you can select how many glasses of water you drunk, using the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons to set the quantity.
Just tap anywhere on the display to close this screen.


In the Activity Tile-box you can synchronize your steps and burned calories from your smartband.

After you succefully added your smartband in the devices section, just tap anywhere on the Activity Tile-box to expand it. Then, tap on the ‘sync’ button on the bottom right corner to synchronize data from your smartband.


[IMAGE – tile-box w/ data – expanded]     [IMAGE – tile-box w/data – closed]
After a few moments, the number of steps will be transferred from your smartband to your Plan. You can view this record both in the timeline and in the closed Tile-box. The color of the record will be red until you reach 75% of your suggested daily  target, yellow from 76% to 99% and it will became green as soon as you hit 100% (see ‘My Targets’ section  on this manual for further details)
If you can’t synchronize data from the smartband, please make sure you correctly paired the device with DiaWatch (see ‘Devices’ section on this manual for further details).
You can record values obtained from different clinical exams done at the hospital or at other healthcare center.
Currently, only two lab tests are supported: LDL cholesterol and HbA1c.
To record your lab test value, first you have to open the Tile-box, as for other similar Tile-boxes in the MyPlan screen.

Simply tap on any part of the closed Tile-box to open it. In this example, the open Tile-box is still empty (E.g: no data is recorded yet).


Currently, lab tests can only be recorded manually. To do so, tap on the ‘plus’ button and you will be taken to the ‘Measurement selection’ screen.


In here you can change the date/time of the lab test and switch between the currently supported lab tests from the drop-down menu (¹).



Then you can input the value, either tapping on the small ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons, or by tapping on the word “value” to use the on-screen keyboard.
The ‘Summary box’ at the bottom of the screen shows the target range you should match for being compliant with your personal care plan.

Once done, simply use the ‘confirm’ button to record the value.


After the value is recorded, you can re-open the Tile-box to see the new test in your timeline. In this case, the test is marked as RED, since its value is outside the range of your treatment. In this case, the entire Tile-box (whether it is open or not)  changes color to RED, reflecting the alert level of your record.


If you made a mistake, tapping the ‘pen’ icon beside the record you can go back to the ‘Measurement selection’ page and edit the value.
IMPORTANT: This feature is only available up to 3 hours after the record is created. After that, the value is automatically synchronized with your doctor’s clinical platform and the ‘pen’ icon will change to a ‘lock’ icon, as shown.



(¹) For HbA1c, make sure to chose the correct unit of measurement between % and mmol/mol, as reported in your official lab test.

In this section you can add and monitoring your weight and min and max pressure.

Choosing the data to insert from the list you can add the value throught the “+” or “-” button or you can add it directly throught a keyboard. If the value will be inside the correct clinical range the tile will be green.

If you add a value out of the range the tile will be red and you virtual coach will send you a message.
If you have added two different value, the one which will be display in the main section always will be the worst one.


Using the Training Center Tile-box you can access articles, videos and other materials from the DiaWatch website, directly inside the App. You can also complete surveys and quizzes your doctor has  prepared for you.



Tap anywhere on the Training Center Tile-box. By defeault (e.g: when no surveys have been scheduled yet(¹)), you will be taken to the ‘Articles’ section, where you can scroll up and down to browse the available material. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to look for a specific title.


Tap anywhere on the article Tile-box to open and read the selected article. When you read an article for the first time you earn one Diacoin.


If you can still get a Diacoin from an article (E.g: if you never read that article), an coin icon is shown on the top right corner of the article’s Tile-box.



Inside the Training Center, tap on the ‘Surveys’ tab to load the list of available quizzes and surveys. In this list you could also see your scheduled surveys (the yellow-colored tile)



Once you selected which survey you want to do, you will have to answer some questions, using radio buttons to select yourpreferred answer.


You can move back and forth between questions using the ‘arrows’ button at the bottom right and left corners and then tap the ‘Submit’ button when you are done, to send your result to your doctor.



After completing a survey, a message by DrPro will notify on your result. In the next screen you can review your performance and see in details your correct and wrong answers.
In the review screen, you can also retry the survey anytime, by just tapping on the ‘Try again’ button when you are ready.



Each time you submit a survey with 75% or more correct answers, you will earn one Diacoin (or two Diacoins if the survey was scheduled from your clinician).



The surveys Tile-box’s color is generically blue if you never did it. Otherwise, can be YELLOW when scheduled by your clinician, GREEN when done with positive results or RED if you under-performed (less than 75% correct answers).


(¹) If you have a survey already scheduled, this will be shown in the Tile-box and by tapping on it, you will be taken to the scheduled survey itself and not to the ‘Articles section. In this case, to open up the Articles section you can tap the ‘Training Center’ button on the Main menu

The Community section allow to you to stay in touch with your clinician and other users.



There are two ways to open the Community screen: in ‘My Plan’ screen, you can tap on the DrPro Tile-box; or you can just select ‘Community’ from the Main Menu.


Inside ‘Community’, just tap on the ‘Doctor’ button at the top to chat with your doctor. In the next screen, you can type and send messages with a simple interface, just like you are probably used to do in other common messaging applications.
Please note in this chat channel you can both see messages from your real doctor and automated messages by DoctorPro. You can clearly identify your recipient by looking at the different profile’s icon.


Using the DiaWatch Forum you can communicate with other users, exchange knowledge and share issues and solution.
To open the Forum, just tap the ‘Community Forum’ button (¹).

Chose the discussion category you want to participate by tapping on it.



Once in your preferred Forum section, you will see all the topics and discussion already created by moderators and other users.
Tapping on the user’s name, you can read (and reply to; see below) all the messages by that person. Or you can tap on ‘New Topic’ button to create your own dicusssion thread.


To answer to a topic you can use the ‘Quick Reply’ section at the bottom of the page. Then just type your reply in the text box and tap the ‘Submit’ button to publish it.



You can also use the ‘Reply’ button or the ‘Full Editor & Preview’ , which allows you to edit and customize your reply (E.g: changing text format and size, using colors, attaching files and emoticons, etc..).


(¹) The DiaWatch Community Forum is also available via the DiaWatch official website at the address below:




The DrPro Tile-box always shows the latest important message you received, either by your doctor or by DrPro automated system.



Tapping anywhere on the Tile, you will be redirected to the general Community screen or even directly to the Chat channel, so you can continue to discuss the topic of the message with your doctor or with your nurse and fellow users in the Forum.



Each time you record a health parameter in DiaWatch (such as a glycemia value, a meal, a blood pressure measurement and so on), you will be rewarded with a DiaCoin.
You can also earn DiaCoins for articles you read and for participating to quizzes or surveys prescribed by your doctor (see section: Training Center for further information).


The total amount of DiaCoins earned is shown at the top of the main menu, in your DiaCoin Wallet.
Tapping this icon will open a dialog box with more details on your DiaCoin situation.
Gathering DiaCoins through the daily use of your DiaWatch app will unlock different reward levels, each one granting access to various perks and gifts!
Tapping this button will open up the Hypoglycemia Survey, few simple close-ended questions designed to assess the number and nature of hypoglycemic events you may have experienced in the past few days.
Once you submit the survey (tapping on the lower left ‘Confirm’ button), your answers will be automatically sent to your doctor via the ‘Chat with doctor’ channel, so he/she will be able to promptly provide support and suggestions.
You can fill the Survey at any time, but please note that Dr.Pro will remind you to do so at least once per week.